Saturday, June 7, 2014

Rethinking Money-V

The actual fact is that money is nothing but transfer of value from one to the other. But when the actual value as well as the supply of money is determined by a centralized monetary regime that controls prices, wages and interest rates, it becomes an absolute power for managing both present and future. We are in democracies but in terms of money, they are dictatorships; they allow only one kind of money definition and that definition is inflationist. Every saver is at loss when he saves money that is going to lose its value. The net beneficiary is the one who consumes and keeps consuming whatever may happen to the ecology and the poor. More cars mean more and more cars and more of petrol and more of traffic jams and so on. This kind of money defintion borrows prosperity from the future and saves the present from getting any lessons in sustainable development. It is like killing our kids who will see a planet with more pollution, less potable water, barren lands, industrial waste, ghost cities and townships and so on. We are all participants in this mindless money expansion that does not have any anchor. Neither dollar, nor gold, Yen nor Yuan or anything else. Everything is topsy-turvy in its core. The day is not far off when some financial virus would create havoc among current monetary orders and devastates it. Roman civilization was devastated by the inflation. Southern America lost to North America during battle of slavery because of the same factor. A strong and sound money is the only way future can be ensured. But the one who has power to print money, has the power to create more power out of thin air. This is the attraction of paper money. But this power is going to meet its nemesis. Currencies will fight currencies and none will win.

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