Wednesday, October 3, 2007

थोड़ी सी कविताएं-1

तुम बो दो पसीना मिटटी में
और भूल जाओ
रात का चांद देखो
और लेट जाओ
झींगुर जब बोले
कहो उसे
तेरा बोलना अच्छा लगता है
बिटिया जब रोये
दुलार दो
भूखी हो तो दूध पिला दो
बाहर गाय जाग रही हो
उससे दो बातें कर आओ
पत्नी छाती पर सर रख दे
तो सूरज सोचो
और खो जाओ
सब कुछ सब जगह हर वक़्त
याद रखो
सब कुछ सब जगह हर वक़्त
भूल जाओ
सब कुछ होता है
तुमसे तुम्हारे बावजूद
होता रहता है
उसी में जलती है कहीँ आग
कूद जाओ
हवा सही रख सही
कुछ भी सही
बस हो जाओ


monikakansal said...

hello sunil, read you new poem Jeewan .jeewan gives a vary deep message. If you cannot find the lost thread of their consistent problems enjoy the present moment.
that may be a kind of escape you may like. Lamhe Lmahe mila ke to jindagi banti hai.

sarbjot said...

AS we all symbolizes life as a phenomenon of continuity or like a flowing water, same way it demands consistent working from its fellow beings.And this poem gives the idea to take life as it comes ur way.If anyone wants to enjoy the life then one should concentrate on present time and try to steal each and every moment which can give u happiness and so that we can feel this life in ourself. Only happy present can stimulates us towards the rising future. Really this poem gives us to enjoy the life as it is...........but it is also a art.

friend said...

Sunil ji tuhadi poem life ton kush ziada hi technical hai. But for me, one simply needs motivation(s) to live and motivation is a hidden treasure within your innerself. once you realise that you are the only one who can change your life, it is only then that you will truly start to feel the changes.
But again -----most importantly, you can find it in yourself

your friend- Guess ???? and let me know if you can.

anilpandey said...

सही है। वर्तमान में जीना ही जीना होता है। ना तो भूत की सोंचो और न ही तो भविष्य कि ऊंची दीवारें खड़ी करो अच्छा तो यही होता है कि वर्तमान में ही जियो और जीते रहो।

Umesh Bawa said...

it seems like that, nothing is more than love in life. Life is Love and Love is Life.