Sunday, March 2, 2008

Towards a Philosophy of Money-5

In the series of articles on theory of money, there is a bit change of format. From the textual, this time, I am shifting to the audio-visual format. The focus is same though this time a bit philosophical. One might feel that in this series, i am going a bit off-track both in terms of format and the content But that is what exactly I am not doing at all. My main intention is to keep myself involved in this series. It is rare that the notion of money is regarded more than an entity determining the roles involved in financial exchange. This is actually a very superficial way of treating money. Money is infact, a product of deeper life-choices of not only individuals and groups but it should also be called a nemesis of contemporary civilization. It alienaties many aspects of a holistic world-view which is the need of the hour. Choosing the method of money is like choosing the future for one and all. It is not going to be an option without any side-effects. The life is money; if one makes money as life, the results are going to be unexpectedly anti-life. So, that makes money an area of persistent groping, exploring and critical re-thinking. In this video, we are moving towards a philosophical dimension. We begin with a personal dilemma that is cast in Indian mythology(may be history); the dilemma of monetary choices and resulting bondages. The Mahabharata of the past is still the same in the present. The answers of the past need to be relocated in the history of the today's moment. It is difficult to find any simple answer but any attempt to codify it must begin with something like the philosophy of money. What is so
philosophical about money- is what this video is all about.

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