Friday, April 17, 2009

Towards a Philosophy of Money-10

The Podcast of my lecture "Funny Money" at UBS, RC, Ludhiana.

On the last day of March, 2009, I was invited to deliever a lecture at University Business School, Regional Centre, Ludhiana. I came to know of a genereal fatigue among students regarding the series of formal lectures at their centre. In order to save myself from their repulsion, I happened to give them a topic "Funny Money" which has been borrowed from Sauvik Chakraverti's article of similar title in the Times of India a couple of years back. The lecture went on for around one and half hours. I could not record the final part of the lecture but the first hour was duly recorded. I am putting the same as PODCASTS on my home page consisting of three parts.

Funny money

Honourable members of faculty of University business School, regional centre, Ludhiana and the students, let me introduce myself. I don't think that I am a philospher but I am definitely trying to be the one. You might ask what a philosopher has to do in the business school particularly when the issue of money is involved. Whenever we think of philosophy, we almost negate the possibility of dealing with money. We might deal with the questions of freedom, peace, religion or metaphysics but we don't even think of dealing a hard-core material thing that money is. Philosophy and money don't seem to have any relationship. I feel that the problem comes from the way we think. As we grow old, we can to overdepend on certain methods of thinking...........................

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