Saturday, October 13, 2007

थोड़ी सी कविताएं-8


घड़ी की टिक्-टिक् पर रुका
चाहता है रह जाना
बस वर्त्तमान
बिखरी रोशनी
ठहरे लफ्ज़
टिकी नज़र
चाहती नहीं
आगे बढ़ना
कागज भी चुप
हिलते- हिलते
थक गया होगा पानी शायद
लहर भी सो रही
कोई स्पर्श
न कोई हलचल
रुकावट सा नहीं लगता
सब कुछ रूक गया है



sarbjot said...

Everyday tik-tik of present unfolds the future which is the universal truth of life but sometime present moments captivate us like this that we really want to live for that very moment always and although tik-tik of samay goes on its way.........

preetcaur said...

'Darkling i listen/ for many a time i have been half in love with easeful death/ called him soft names in many a mused rhyme/ to take into the air my quiet breath/ now more than ever seems it rich to die/ to cease upon the midnight with no pain...' This was Keats in his famous Ode to the Nightingale. You bring him alive here on your earthly landscapes with the eternal pang to cease into eternity.